Volunteer Student Assistants


Three students in korean dress making a heart shape with their hands.

The Center for East Asian Studies @ the University of Arizona (CEAS) is recruiting student volunteers to assist CEAS in conducting events and activities on campus and in the community. Thanks to our student volunteers, CEAS outreach has already positively influenced the knowledge and understanding of East Asia’s diverse cultures, languages, and geography in and around Tucson. At the same time, our volunteers get the opportunity to practice and use East Asian languages, create connections with University of Arizona faculty and staff, and increase their chances of winning awards and scholarships. It is also a whole bunch of fun!


There are no requirements other than an interest in East Asia. This volunteer opportunity is aimed at undergraduate students, but anyone may apply. Any and all heritages and backgrounds are happily welcomed. There is no East Asian language requirement, but if you are interested, this is an excellent chance to begin learning a new language. You also need not be skilled in an East Asian art or hobby. Only an interest in East Asia is required! Note: If you are from East Asia, practice an East Asian art or cultural practice, or are fluent in an East Asian language, our Cultural Ambassador program might be for you. 


Student volunteers typically help CEAS at tables during festivals, community events, and conferences. This work may include setting up or breaking down the table and staffing the table during the event. Be prepared to talk to guests and share your interest in East Asia. Other tasks include taking photos and videos of events, distributing flyers, and helping in the office. CEAS will always defer to your coursework and classes. Studies come first! You can always turn down a volunteer opportunity. Signing up does not imply a commitment. It is easy, and you are in control!

How to Volunteer

If you are interested, please fill out the form below. When an opportunity comes up, CEAS staff will contact you by email to see if you are interested and available. It’s that easy!


Email CEAS (eas-center@arizona.edu