Volunteer Cultural Ambassadors


Are you a student from East Asia? Do you currently study East Asian languages and cultures? Are you a community member with an East Asian background? Do you practice an East Asian art or cultural practice?

If so, CEAS is looking for you!

CEAS Volunteer interacting with a kindergarten student

The Center for East Asian Studies @ University of Arizona (CEAS) is recruiting volunteer cultural ambassadors with interests, abilities, knowledge, and/or experiences related to East Asia who wish to share with the community in Tucson and beyond. CEAS cultural ambassadors play a crucial role by improving the understanding of the diverse East Asian cultures through authentic interaction during online and in-person events. They share original stories and lived experiences; they demonstrate and teach their unique talents or artistic abilities. 

Cultural ambassadors join CEAS staff at large events like the Tucson Festival of Books to smaller school visits. Depending on the event, you may only be asked to give 30 minutes of your time. However, some events may require longer time commitments. No previous teaching background is required, and volunteers from all backgrounds are welcome.

CEAS strives to ensure all cultural ambassadors have a meaningful and enjoyable experience by providing support and materials to the degree possible. We also know that our cultural ambassadors have busy lives and numerous demands for their time. To that end, CEAS will endeavor to schedule events with this in mind, and cultural volunteers are free to accept or reject any events offered to them. Signing up does not include any obligation. Lastly, for University of Arizona students, CEAS will compensate you for your time to the extent allowed under university rules.

Please join us by filling out this online registration form. As your answers will help us match you with the cultural ambassador opportunities that fit your experiences and abilities, please answer the questions to the best of your ability. However, you are free to skip any questions you do not wish to answer. 

Your responses to this form will only be accessible by CEAS staff and will not be shared outside of the CEAS office without your consent. 

Ready to register?
The form is available at the following link:


Email CEAS (eas-center@arizona.edu) or call 520-621-0777