AAS Graduate Student Benefits Application

Association for Asian Studies
Graduate Student
Benefits Application

CEAS at the University of Arizona is an institutional member of Association for Asian Studies (AAS). As such, we can provide one grad student complimentary conference registration for the annual conference in 2023, as well as five grad student memberships (which would give you access to their job list). You will have to register for AAS as a CEAS-affiliated grad student; to do so, please make sure that your faculty advisor is affiliated with CEAS. If your advisor is not yet affiliated with us but is interested, please ask them to contact us (EAS-Center@arizona.edu) for affiliation asap.

If you are interested in either or both benefits that we provide for AAS, please fill out the Google form . We will give priorities to advanced graduate students, particularly those who benefit the most from the professional networking opportunities that AAS provides. Although you do not have to be a presenter at the conference to qualify for these benefits, we do also prioritize those who intend to present their research related to East Asia at the conference.

For details about AAS and the annual conference, please go to: https://www.asianstudies.org/